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My name is Ildikó Horváth, work as a graphic designer. I born up in Budafok, now I live in Páty village with my family. I make my pictures by hand drawing, acrylic painting and also use computer digital after work, computer programs.

Born: 1977. 04. 12., Budapest
Profession: Graphic designer

1996    Application to the Hungarian University of Fine Arts, to graphic arts/printmaking departement
2000    Graduate at the Hungarian University of Fine Arts: graphic arts diploma and art teacher diploma
2001    Membership of MAOE Art Association, Budapest
2007    Membership of ARTÉR Art Association, Budapest
2008    Membership of the Studio of Young Designers Association (FISE), Budapest

Grouped exhibitions

2000    II.Mostra Mondiale di mini-grafica e Pittura “Pisa 2000”, ltaly
           “Projet Millenia á Budapest” art teacher ,Meharées Association, Budapest,
           III. National Coloured Print Graphic Exhibition, Szekszárd,
           XX. National Graphic Biennal, Miskolc,
           Duna Gallery, Budapest,
2001    Studio 4, Molfetta, Bari, Italy  
2005    „Pszeudozoologia”, Kecskemét Vadaspark,
2007    Csongrád Gallery, Csongrád,
           Radóczy Mária Gallery Competiton, Budafok,
2008    Törley Pincészet, Budafok,
           34. Budafok-Tétény Spring Art Festival, Radóczy Mária Gallery, Budafok,    
           „Kôtermések”, FISE Gallery, Budapest,
2009    „FreshFishes 2”, FISE Gallery, Budapest,
           GEA Group Family, Bochum, Germany
           4.Szent Mihály Days, Radóczy Mária Gallery, Budafok,
           Artér exhibition, Szabó Ervin Bibliotheque, Budafok,
2011    Artér exhibition, Szabó Ervin Bibliotheque, Budafok,
2012     \\\"Zöldben\\\" Gallery 12, Budapest,
            Artér exhibition Radóczy Mária Gallery, Budafok,
            FISE 30, Museum of Applied Arts, Budapest
            \\\'\\\'Kakaófelhő\\\'\\\', Fiktív Pub, Budapest

Solo exhibitions

2002    Goethe Institut, Budapest,
2004     Trafik Gallery, Budapest,
2010    Small Gallery, Szabó Ervin Bibliotheque, Budapest,
2012    \\\"Tales\\\" FISE Gallery, Budapest,


1993,1994,1996,1998 ,1999   Savoyai Jenô Award, Budapest
2000    Barcsay Jenô Award, Hungarian University of Fine Arts, Budapest
           “London Panorama” workshop scholarship, ELIA, Socrates Programme, London    
2002    Savoyai Jenô one year scholarship, Budapest
2004, 2005   Szent Mihály Days Award, Radóczy Mária Gallery, Budafok
2007    Radóczy Mária Gallery Art Competition, I. prize
2008    34. Budafok-Tétényi Spring Art Festival, III. prize
2009    4.Szent Mihály Days, I. prize, Radóczy Mária Gallery, Budafok
2010    District Year Art Scholarship, Budafok
2011    Radóczy Mária Gallery Art Competition, Gallery prize
2012    \\\'\\\'WAMP +\\\'\\\' Competition  one of the winners , Budapest
           Hiii Illustration International Competition, Hiibrand, Merit Award
2013    Aranyvackor Illustration Competition III. prize,
           Manó Könyvek
Publiser Special Award, Scolar Publiser Special Award, Budapest